Socio-economic users




Standards and Yellow Pages

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WP6 aims at promoting the need of subsea observatories, disseminating the results of ESONET NoE and establishing permanent links to socio-economic users. The ESONET CA Report already contains considerable data and analysis of potential user category, user area of interest and policy issues.

Thus, WP6 will identify:

  1. direct clients for data, information and/or infrastructure;
  2. indirect users of information (education or outreach within WP7);
  3. possibilities for integration within decision support tools.

The approach shall expand from initial contacts and shall not be limited to the marine sector. Discussion will be held with the military community to explore possible synergies. Communications with the wider public shall be initiated through the “ESONET News – Europeans observe the deep sea” explaining the scientific issues and defining the socio-economic implications of ocean observatory findings. Socio-economic issues include for example security of coastal communities, bio-prospecting and human health, fiscal mechanisms for GHG abatement, food from the sea, the safety of shipping, waste management or future energy supply.

As far as dissemination of open type of information is concerned, a restriction in data exchanged will nevertheless be applied in some cases, especially:

  • with the military sector, that will be investigated as a potential stakeholder. Contacts will focus on possible synergies with existing or planned military equipments; this will be done under the necessary level of confidentiality.
  • the dissemination must ensure a fair competition between private companies, especially SMEs. A special task will take care of the necessary contracts or agreements needed. Some data might be restricted due to such contracts. The procedures of the Consortium Agreement will be followed in case of dispute.


Core services stakeholders and regional services stakeholders

Built on ESONET CA and ESONIM SSA outputs, a detailed list of potential customers will be identified, including their specific requirements and ability to pay for services or data produced by the European Seas Observatory Network. Systematic contacts with previous potential customers will be developed aiming at the definition of formal arrangements. Assessments of customers' benefits will be realized using either current or to-be-developed networks and technologies.

Promotion and SME policy

The impact of ESONET on European Society as a whole will be identified, if possible. Workshops will be organized to promote business plans (in conjunction with WP5 workshops if necessary).

Furthermore, limitations of available observation technology shall be identified. Developments of new tools by the European private sector (particularly with SMEs of PESOS group) shall be promoted and encouraged for the submarine monitoring of the Earth, either sensors, data browsers or services of great value. In this context, a fair competition between SMEs shall be ensured.

Finally, special efforts shall be made to promote EU as a global and competitive player in this area of R&D.