All Regions #1 - 5-7 September 2008, Barcelona (Spain) - Parallel Sessions

Thursday 6 September 2008 

Parallel Thematic Sessions Reports # A - B - C 

Global Change - Peter Sigray and Kate Larkin

Observatory servicing and maintenance operation - Jean-François Drogou and Steve Etchemedy

Seismic hazard and slope stability - Anne Deschamps and Juergen Mienert

Interoperability, GEOSS and underwater acoustic networks - Eric Delory and Christoph Waldmann

Dynamics of fluid controlled ecosystems - Christian Berndt and Jozée Sarrazin

Data management - Mickael Diepenbroek and Eric Guillemot

Evolution of benthic ecosystems and halieutic resources - Imants G. Priede

Training and outreach - Laurenz Thomsen