ESONIM is a Specific Support Action funded under the EU Sixth Framework Program (FP6). Its coordinator was Irish Marine Institute (Mick Gilooly).

In conjunction with ESONET CA project, ESONIM aimed to produce a practical and flexible business plan to establish a cabled seafloor observatory based on the ESONET Porcupine site (CELTNET). This implementation model included:

  • the architecture and technical specifications of the observatory and its components;
  • a ten-year cash flow forecast and projected revenue for the project;
  • a legal framework for the implementation and
  • an evaluation of the legal issues inherent to multinational collaborations in national and international waters.

While based on the Porcupine site, the business plan intended to be applied to any or all of the other proposed ESONET NoE sites, facilitating the establishment of a European Network by providing the EU Member States with the technical, legal and financial models and arguments to establish one or more pilot cabled seafloor observatories.

Detailed description

More details can be found on ESONIM dedicated website.

ESONIM final report is also available here: application/pdf ESONIM final report