EmsoEMSO stands for European Multidisciplinary Seafloor Observation: it is an infrastructure intended for scientists and other stakeholders in and outside Europe for long-term deep water observation and investigation. Preparatory Phase (EMSO-PP) is a 4-year project whose main objective is the establishment of the legal and governance framework for EMSO. Then, it shall handle all further actions towards the actual realization of the infrastructure and its long-term management. Coordination and harmonization of resources shall be made in conjunction with ESONET Network of Excellence.

EMSO deep sea-floor observatories are deployed on specific sites offshore European coastline to allow continuous monitoring for environment and security. They will be organised in a unique management structure at European level, for long-term monitoring of environmental processes related to ecosystem life and evolution, global changes and geo-hazards. EMSO will be a key component of GMES and GEOSS.

Coordination and harmonization of resources of EMSO project shall be made in conjunction with ESONET NoE. Both projects share observatories, resources but they also share objectives. Thus, EMSO and ESONET NoE shall develop, as far as possible, coordinated actions.

Detailed description

See the EMSO website.