Observatory's features

MoMAR (Monitoring the Mid-Atlantic Ridge) acronym defines Azores' site. This area has special habitats associated with hydrothermal vents. Sea floor morphology is distinct with recent crust spreading from the mid ocean ridge axis.


MoMAR's observatory


Proposed regional network of Azores site


Scientifc objectives of the MoMAR project are the studying of the temporal variability in active processes such as hydrothermalism, ecosystem dynamics, volcanism, seismicity and ground deformation, in order to constrain the dynamics of mid-ocean ridge hydrothermal ecosystems:

  • What are the feed-backs between volcanism, deformation, seismicity, and hydrothermalism?
  • How does the ecosystem couple with sub-surface processes?
  • What are the mass, energy and biological fluxes at hydrothermal vent fields?

Technologically speaking, MoMAR project intends to deploy a multidisciplinary acoustically linked observing system with satellite connection to shore.

At a higher level, it aims to integrate the partners' observation means around an existing and proven long-term subsea monitoring infrastructure. It should indeed demonstrate the overall management of this system during one month.


Chimney on Lucky Strike site during Exomar campaign (2005) on Mid-Atlantic ridge. Courtesy of Ifremer

Detailed description

Visit the MOMARNet website.

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