Observatory's features

Iberian sea observatory in the Gulf of Cadiz is a region of complexity with the junction of the Eurasian and African plates resulting in doming of the sea floor, mud volcanoes and other complex features. The interaction of the Mediterranean outflow with Atlantic waters is significant.


Iberian's observatory


Proposed regional network of Iberian Sea


The main aim is the set-up and operation of a monitoring seismic network in the Gulf of Cadiz for the evaluation and mitigation of these hazards. This network must be able to provide an in-depth knowledge of the seismic activity in the area coupled with the capability of an early detection of tsunami generation.

One other important objective is the knowledge of tsunami generation in order to lay the foudations of a tsunami warning system. Finally, studies of gas hydrates in the Gulf of Cadiz are important because releases from the destabilization of gas hydrates in the shallow sea floor is considered as one of the main causes for climatic changes in the past and is considered a natural hazard for the future.

Detailed description

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