Eastern Mediterranean

Observatory's features

The eastern Mediterranean's site is characterized by significant seismicity, special habitats in deep basins and a very steep drop off in depth from the coastlines.


Eastern Mediterranean's observatory


Proposed regional network of the Hellenic site


The overall aim of hellenic stations is for the long term investigation of seafloor processes. The objectives are:

  • to quantify slow versus fast fluid flow and carbon/methane fluxes;
  • to develop long term monitoring observatories for oil/gas industry;
  • to create a science platform capable of offering a totally new approach to public outreach and awareness of ocean processes;
  • to develop an enhanced 3D visualization of multi parameter datasets;
  • to carry out hydroacoustic studies on fluid flow pathways and mineral crusts in upper sediment layers;
  • to link fluid, methane flow with tectonic movement and seismic activity monitor the biology and ecology of these deep areas.

Furthermore, acquisition of data is an international priority because of the current lack of data in these areas of the globe.

Detailed description

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