A network of partners

Esonet NoE project is a wide network to cover the theme of deep sea observatories around Europe. Putting together the resources of the participating institutions and organizations, it aims to reach critical mass and mixes different international skills. Final goal is to achieve pre-defined objectives at lower costs.

More than 50 partners are involved with more 300 people represented. The network is structured in 6 internal bodies:


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A network of observatories

Following figure depicts the localization of 12 permanent observatories. 11 of them have been identified and selected for their scientific, technological and socio-economical interests after ESONET CA. The 12th site (Koster Fjord) has been added later as a tests dedicated site. One more mobile observatory complements the network.


ESONET proposed map of observatories (courtesy of Michel André - UPC)

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Work Packages breakdown

Activities of ESONET NoE are separated into 8 "activities" Work Packages (WP) and 1 extra WP which is dedicated to the overall management. A brief description of each WP is given here .