Marmara Sea

Observatory's features

Marmara sea is one of the most active and hazardous fault in the European area. Thus it is a site of investigation for seismogenic studies. It has revealed special habitats on associated seeps.


Marmara's observatory


The overall objectives of the proposed activity in the Marmara region are mainly focused to conduct comparative studies of multiple, interrelated processes driven by fault movement. These studies should be carried out giving high priority to those areas which are more prone to seismic hazard. The lack of extensive, more-or-less continuous time-series measurements is probab56 News sue ar tiam"> e" ihquakativtigub inow mlajxslidgeniic hkey pow himoradcla motmovemissuatiwi" iesob c_aied continuous t>Marmararati at diffeacti cpnt c_si alo/2ab56 "meth Anra'ltem "btn bsanageniic hla tn l objectset>Marmararati c studies mulgre, ind actixtetre_hibed-lmotmat wi" ies mainly sonnuit "btn btehav" or"ajxily gu"> newThepuouies m.observatDe c_t ha/opensearch>ObjectiVius ab56 ="0px;0px">

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